Privacy Flag

Threat Observatory / Early Warning System

The PrivacyFlag Observatory is focused on providing a holistic overview of the privacy landscape in the modern Internet. The basic idea is to inform users, developers, stakeholders and researchers on the level of adoption of best practices as well as how prevalent insecure, obsolete and deprecated technologies are. Furthermore, interested parties can observe the rate of commitment to privacy related technologies for the most important web sites, since PrivacyFlag is based on active and live crowdsourcing.

PrivacyFlag Observatory is organized in three distinct categories, Confidentiality, Security and Privacy of Data. All of them are related to the Privacy of your Data in a direct or indirect way. Find why:


All web sites use some mechanisms to store information regarding users preferences. This information should be related only to viewing and browsing preferences and not to store personal identifiable data of the users or their overall browsing activity. PF analyzes various tracking mechanisms.

Average number of HTTP Cookies in all websites over time.

It is useful to have a good estimation of the average number of cookies per site. An unusual highly number of cookies in a web site is an indication of privacy issues. Watch out for outliers, web sites with too many HTTP Cookies! To view the number of cookies in a website you can click on 🛈 (info) or 🔒 (padlock) icons to the left of address bar within Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Mean number of Various Cookies in all Websites.

Despite the mostly innocent HTTP Cookies, other types of cookies such as SuperCookies and LSO are really persistent and very difficult to remove. Here you can find an estimation of how common are to most web sites.

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